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Whole Heart To Give - CD $22.99 AUD


1. Whole Heart To Give

2. Running On Fumes

3. Burned Too Bright

4. Fire In Your Eyes

5. Look It Up

6. Cowboys Come Home

7. Can You Let Somebody Else Be Strong

8. I Would Want To

9. I Think Of You

10. Broken

11. Waiting On Lonely

12. Things I Want

13. Stranded

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Ronni Rae Rivers: Whole Heart To Give

Just When I Needed You Most - CD $19.99 AUD

1. Just When I Needed You Most

2. Rodeo Romeo (unreleased edit)

3. Trouble At The Door

4. Haven't Things Changed

5. Happy New Year

6. Kickin' This Heart Around

7. Maybe I'm Right

8. Good Guys Finish Last

9. You Win ...You Lose

10. Long Long Time (acoustic live performance)

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Notice Me - CD $21.99 AUD

1.  Notice Me
2.  Janine (care of the stars)
3.  Just When I Needed You Most
4.  Now You're Gone
5.  Timmy
6.  Trouble At The Door
7.  He's Mine
8.  If Promises Were Gold
9.  Been Through This Before
10. Rodeo Romeo
11. It's Only Make Believe
12. Happy New Year
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