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Ronni Rae Rivers: Bio

Ronni Rae Rivers - Biography

Born in Sydney, Australia to an Aussie Mum and Texan Dad, Ronni spent time between Australia and the USA during her formative years. She carved out her performing niche at a young age in Houston through performing at Rodeos and Honky Tonks whilst still in school. When her parents moved back to Australia, she immediately formed a band and played at every Country Music Club and Pub in WA from Albany to Broome. Having been described as a dynamic, engaging, wild redhead reminiscent of a young Reba McEntire blended with Tanya Tucker, her raw energy, unbridled passion and musical prowess captivates and mesmerizes audiences. A consummate professional whose performance skills seem to defy her years, Ronni owns every inch of every stage she performs on. Currently dividing her time between Sydney, Australia and Nashville, Tennessee is proving to be a great decision for Ronni Rae, as her songwriting has been a major focus since being awarded a songwriting mentorship by ARTS WA (Western Australian Government Body supporting Artistic talent) to travel to Nashville and write songs for her forthcoming album. A graduate of the CMAA Australian College of Country Music, Ronni’s fiddle, guitar and piano skills have enabled her to work locally and internationally. She has shared the stage with some of Australia’s best known country music entertainers such as Adam Harvey, Lee Kernaghan, Kasey Chambers, Beccy Cole and Adam Brand as well as internationally renowned Jose Feliciano and Aaron Neville. Two time Western Australian female vocalist of the Year award winner, Ronni Rae has been recognised through numerous awards in Australia, including being named the ASA (Australian Songwriters Association) Awards Country Songwriter Of The Year while her debut album ‘Notice Me’ produced 5 Top 30 Australian Country Music Radio hits and 2 Number #1 hit singles. In 2006 she was the subject of the BBC World documentary ‘Destination Music’ which featured performances and interviews with the 10 hottest Country Music Acts in Australia. For the second consecutive year, she was named a 2006 Golden Saddle Awards finalist and was nominated for 2 awards in the 2006 APRA songwriting awards. In 2007, Ronni was acknowledged by her fellow musicians in Australia, by receiving a Top 3 finalist nomination for the 2007 Golden Fiddle Awards. This award goes to the fiddle player who demonstrates excellence in both live and recorded performance. In 2008 , Ronni was selected again as one of the hottest export ready musical talents by Austrade and featured on the OZGIGZ 4 DVD. While 2009 saw Ronni return to Tamworth and pick up a ‘Wally Award’ for Best New Talent.

In 2010, after being announced as the winner of the Western Australian Country Music Awards 'Album of the Year', Ronni walked the red carpet at the Golden Guitar Awards, the Australian equivalent of the CMAA Awards (Country Music Association of America), where she was a finalist for New Talent of the Year. Her CD ‘Whole Heart To Give’ produced five Top 10 hits, ‘Cowboys Come Home’, ‘I Would Want To’, ‘Running on Fumes’, ‘Waiting On Lonely’ and ‘Things I Want’.

Since her 'Whole Heart to Give' CD release, Ronni Rae has made a name for herself writing for other artists and performing in artistically renowned theatrical productions, including both on and off broadway roles.

Away from the spotlight, her time is devoted to several philanthropic pursuits-from volunteering with the RFS to being a wildlife rescuer and carer. Ronni Rae can often be found caring for an orphaned animal and then helping a family adjust during a crisis period.

Her eagerly anticipated new album is coming in 2015.

Career Highlights - bullet form

- 2010 CMAA Golden Guitar Awards-finalist for New Talent of the Year - 2010 Western Australian Music Awards-Winner-Best Country Album of the Year - 2009 Fourth single ‘Waiting On Lonely’ charts Top 10 on Country tracks Top 30 - 2009 Third single ‘Running On Fumes’ charts in Top 5 on Country Tracks Top 30 - 2009 Video ‘Running On Fumes’ charts Top 10 on Country Music channel (CMC) - 2009 Golden Saddle Awards- Top 5 finalist - 2009 Recipient of ‘Wally Award’ for Best New Talent at Tamworth - 2009 Nominated for best female vocalist at People’s Choice Awards - 2009 Records ‘Simply The Best’ with 100% proceeds to Red Cross for Victorian Bushfire Relief - 2008 Second single ‘I Would Want To’ reaches #3 on Country Tracks Top 30 - 2008 Video ‘I Would Want To’ chosen as Country Pick of the Week on CMC & charts Top 5 - 2008 ASA Awards: 2nd place in Rock/Indie category; 2nd place in Spiritual category and 4th place in the Open category - 2008 First single ‘Cowboys Come Home’ from new album –charts Top 10 in Country Tracks Top 30 - 2008 Video ‘Cowboys Come Home’ country Pick of the Week on CMC & charts Top 10 - 2008 Featured artist on Great American Country (GAC) with ‘It’s Only Make Believe’ (airs to over 20 million US households) - 2007 Finalist Golden Fiddle Award - 2007 Nominated WAM (Western Australian Music Awards) Best Country Act - 2007 USA Orange County Music Awards Finalist Best Live Acoustic Act - 2007 USA Orange Country Music Awards Best Country Act - 2006 Finalist WAM Song Of The Year - 2006 Songwriter of the Year -Northern Territory Music Awards for “Notice Me” - 2006 Contemporary Country Song of the Year “Notice Me”-NT Music Awards - 2006 Golden Saddle Awards Finalist - 2006 Billboard Magazine Honourable Mention for ‘Notice Me’ - 2006 Los Angles Women in Music Songwriter Awards ‘Janine-care of the Stars’ - 2006 APRA Songwriting Awards nomination- ‘Notice Me’ - 2006 APRA Songwriting Awards nomination –’Rodeo Romeo’ - 2005 Australian Country Songwriter of the Year ‘Janine-care of the stars’ - 2005 WA Female Vocalist of the Year Country Music Awards - 2005 Golden Guitar Top 10 finalist-Female Vocal ’Just When I Needed You Most’ - 2005 TIARA Awards finalist-Female Vocals ‘Just When I Needed You Most’ - 2005 Victorian & National Music Awards-New Talent Finalist - 2005 West Australian Music Industry Awards Finalist - 2004 WA Female Vocalist of the Year-Country Music Awards - 2004 Songwriter of the Year-WA Country Music Awards ’Haven’t Things Changed’ - 2004 Australian New Talent Album of the Year-ACRAs Finalist

"Whole Heart To Give" -Bio

Ronni Rae was born in Sydney, Australia to an Australian Mother and a Texan Father. At an early age Ronni was already racking up frequent flyer points due to extensive travel between the USA and Australia with no knowledge that the heritage of both parents would forge her future in the music business. This multi talented instrumentalist and songwriter, gifted with a strong soulful voice , just took it in her stride that music was the language of all people and that this was her destiny. Ronni’s upbringing can best be described as a melting pot of cultural diversity. Her Father, half Cherokee Indian and half Irish was a military man. His work eventually brought him to Australia where a chance meeting with a Raven-haired young actress would change both of their lives forever. Ronni’s Mum was a determined, independent green-eyed beauty of Scottish and Welsh heritage who moved to Sydney from Perth to pursue her future in the theatre. Ronni’s mother was adamant not to give up her homeland, so they compromised in establishing residences in both countries. Music was all encompassing in the Rivers’ household. However, her parents were diametrically opposed in their musical tastes. To her Dad, there was only one style of music. It was Country music or nothing. Meanwhile her Mum introduced Ronni to a wide variety of music, but mostly listened to British Rock music like The Rolling Stones and The Who. Ronni Rae started playing piano and singing at a very early age. During her formative years she was offered a recording contract in the USA, however, this was not to be due to her father saying she was too young and needed an education before deciding upon a vocational interest. This only encouraged her desire for a career in music. In an interesting turn of events it was the pursuing of a tertiary education that afforded her the opportunity to hone her skills, find her true musical identity, and come into her own as a seasoned performer. Whilst completing a degree at University, for which she won a scholarship to study Astrophysics, Ronni started performing live in jazz and blues clubs in New Orleans. She has shared the stage with such musical luminaries as Aaron Neville and The Neville Brothers , Jose Feliciano, and Aretha Franklin. This swampy combination of roots, soul, country and blues music is what Ronni says ‘changed her life’. Her unique vocal style was forged literally down on the bayou, but it’s the Australian honesty and frankness in her writing style that has won critical acclaim worldwide. Having been described as a dynamic, engaging, wild redhead reminiscent of a young Reba McEntire blended with Tanya Tucker and Janis Joplin, her raw energy, unbridled passion and musical prowess captivates and mesmerizes audiences. A consummate professional whose performance skills seem to defy her years, Ronni owns every inch of every stage she performs on. Having spent the better part of the past 2 years performing and song writing in Nashville, Ronni returned home to Australia to record her last Australian album ‘Whole Heart to Give’ which produced 5 Top 10 hit singles'.

In 2010, after a fortuitous and timely meeting with an international production company,Ronni Rae was offered a major role with one of the arts industries most respected theatrical companies, which has seen her performing in both on and off-Broadway roles in USA.  

During her recent absence from performing at home, Ronni Rae has been writing with and performing alongside her songwriting friends, hoping to further establish the already respected presence Australian artists have in Nashville, TN and the entirety of the USA.